The Happy Website Subscription

Businesses often have to choose between a custom website with high up-front costs or an affordable DIY site that is actually a part-time job.

With our Happy Website Subscription, you no longer have to choose between professional expertise and affordability.

Low or no up-front costs.

Rather than incurring a large development cost and then monthly maintenance fees, our Happy clients can enjoy low to no up-front costs and one simple monthly fee.

A group of experts on your team.

We code our websites from the ground up, so if there’s ever an issue, we get it solved quickly, efficiently, and without outsourcing. Our service also includes monthly support work (including content updates). When a client signs up with us, they’re not just getting a custom website – they’re getting an expert web team added to their business.

Peace of mind.

We don’t outsource, and we don’t use third-party website templates. If something’s wrong, we guarantee we can fix it. Part of our service includes constant uptime and issue monitoring, so we usually catch and fix issues before anyone else even sees a problem. We’re also a small, friendly team of professionals who is always just one pleasant message away!

One less hat.

We run a small business or two ourselves, so we know how valuable it is for owners, managers, or solopreneurs to have one less thing on their plates. With our service, you go from having a draining, frustrating “side job” to having a new favorite team member.

The Price


with a 36-month commitment



Some of our clients know exactly what they want in a custom website – others aren’t as sure. No matter how “ready” you are, we’ll work together to define your business goals and design a website strategy to meet them.


Once we have a strategy mapped out, we’ll tailor your website UX (user experience) around your specific business needs and goals. We’ll use the content you provide, the goals we define together, and a working knowledge of how your team and your users will actually interact with your website.


Next, we build. We’ll take all of the above into consideration as we code your custom website, which will be fast, secure, and look and feel great on any screen size. We’re huge proponents of mobile-first design! Most of your users are likely visiting from smartphones, so why not meet them where they are?


Our goal is to cultivate long-term relationships with happy clients. To that end, our Happy Website Subscription includes Premium Hosting and Maintenance, consisting of over $100/mo in premium services and integral software licenses as well as the following:

  • Premium dedicated website hosting with WP Engine
  • Daily automated cloud backups
  • Security scanning, instantaneous uptime monitoring and attack protection
  • Monthly WordPress core and plugin updates
  • Monthly reports detailing site updates, security scans, and traffic data
  • Additional monthly support – let us do what we do best so you can too.

Are you ready to

Get Happy?